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Why do I need an event planner?
Your job is demanding enough much less trying to plan a corporate function. Leave It To LaFever, Ltd. will make your job easier by coordinating all of the intricate details of your company event! Let it be our job to ensure that your event is seamless and provides the ultimate guest satisfaction.
What sets you apart from other corporate event planners?
Our personalized service. We are customer oriented and dedicated to attending to every detail that exemplifies your company during your event. We make it our priority to provide exemplary client service throughout the planning and execution of your event.
How much money does Leave It To LaFever, Ltd. manage in budget responsibilities each year?
Over $1 million per year.
Can you help us to come up with a manageable budget and stick within its constraints?
Of course! We will give you an estimate based on your specified preliminary details of the event and construct a budget. Additionally, you will have the final approval of the budget to ensure it is manageable for your company.
Will you work with our internal event planner to assist with a function or meeting?
Sure! Whether you just need advice or a set of helping hands, we have extensive experience advising and assisting with internal event planners.
Will you handle every aspect of the planning or can we do some things on our own?
We would love to plan your whole event for you, because we are passionate about the coordination and execution of corporate affairs. However, our experts also are available to help you with select segments of your event.
Do you travel?
Yes, we have conducted events in more than 30 U.S. states. As a matter of fact most of the business that we do is Nationwide.
Will you accommodate all of the details for our event?
Absolutely! We will work with you to provide anything and everything you envision for your event from the broadest detail to the most intricate!